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Church of San Cristóbal

It was built in the first years of the conquest by the Indian chief Cristóbal Paulla, lord of Qolqanpata, as a sign of his devotion to Christianity. The statue of the patron saint is gigantic and is walked in a procession on the feast of Corpus Christi.

During the Inca period, this area was in the Hanan Qosqo or high Cusco, the neighborhoods of Pumacurco, Choquechaca, Tacsecocha and Qolqampata itself belonged here. This area is depositary of many Inca buildings that are scattered in the area, being part of the Qolqampata palace, which belonged to Manco Cápac, the first Inca.

A large wall-platform with eleven cell-mounted niches, as well as remains of Inca architecture from an excellent factory, can be seen on the upper part. The Inca Paullo Túpac Yupanqui, converted to the Christian religion, takes the commissioner Don Cristóbal Baca de Castro as godfather, from whom he uses his name to found the hermitage that was built next to the plaza below the Qolqampata palace.


In the interior of the Church, poor and destitute, you can see gilt, works done by good teachers. Both the front and the tabernacle are made of silver, the latter of solid silver. There are paintings worthy of contemplation, paintings, many of which are copies of famous European masters (especially of Rafael nicknamed “El Divino”, when the famous “Escuela Cuzqueña” was booming) whose distinctive feature is the gold stew. There are also turned railings, gilded altarpieces, altars in poor condition but of remarkable and fine carving.


Visit during hours of worship.